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New adult Bible classes for the winter quarter will begin on Wednesday, December 3 and Sunday, December 7.

Missions: From Brazil

Dear friends and family,

I hope this finds all of you well.

I want to share some great news with all of you.  God continues to bless our theology classes.  This week will be the last week of our classes.

Last Monday our class was on baptism.  After my night class I stayed and studied with a very nice couple who has been coming to worship services very frequently.   They both told me that they did not want to go home without being baptized first.  This was already after 10 pm.  We studied some more and they decided to be immersed into Christ that very same night.  They both were baptized close to midnight.  Their names are Cristiano and Juliana.  They have a four year old daughter named Carol.  You will see a picture of them below along with the ones baptized today.

Just like them there are several others who are wanting to be baptized as well.  

Valdir and Neuza.  Valdir is a pentecostal preacher.  They both are attending the theology course.  He has told me that he is very troubled by what we are studying in class.  I asked him to explain to me more about what he meant.  He told me that he feels like he has been wrong so long and that he needs to change his life.  His wife made this comment to one of our sisters, "please pray for us because we are thinking about making a change in our lives."

Gil came today to worship service for the first time and brought his two young children.   He is also part of the theology class.  After services he told me he needed to talk to me about his baptism.  We are going to meet tomorrow evening one hour before our class time and study some more.  I believe he will be baptized tomorrow night during our theology class.  Please pray for him.

Also please pray for Carlos, Duarte and Katia, and for Marco.  They are all in the theology class and have shown great interest in continuing to study after the theology classes are over.

Today at worship service Alisson baptized Rose into Christ.  He has studied with her for some weeks and she called him early this morning and did not want to wait any longer.  You will see a picture of her baptism below.

Also this morning Nonato came to me and wanted to be baptized as well.  Nonato has been a member of the Lord's church since June.  He at that time was convinced his baptism in a denomination was valid.  We studied with him on baptism and he was certain his baptism was correct.  We accepted his belief and he was added to the Lord's church.  He is also attending the theology class as a helper.  He heard the class on baptism Monday night and spent the whole week troubled and questioning his former baptism.  He decided he needed to be baptized again and take away his doubts.  He was also immersed into Christ.  Below is a picture of his baptism.  Isn't it amazing how much power God's Word has in people's lives?  It is so encouraging to see people like Nonato be so honest about his decision and to see him put on Christ.

This is the gospel.  This is good news.  People hearing God's plan of salvation and obeying.  God's Word has tremendous power.

Please continue asking our Father to bless these final classes of the theology course.  I feel very confident that more will obey the gospel.

We love you and thank you for your partnership in this great service,
Allen Dutton and Family

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The Dutton Family

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Sunday Morning Worship in Campinas

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