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New adult Bible classes for the winter quarter will begin on Wednesday, December 3 and Sunday, December 7.

Worship Service Times

Sunday: Bible Study 9:30 am, Worship 10:30 am and 5:00 pm
Wednesday: Worship 7:00 pm


Westside Ministries


The benevolence ministry works to help individuals and families both inside and outside of the church who have special needs. Cliff Barger is the deacon over this ministry.
The building upkeep ministry is comprised of members who participate in building maintenance and repair. The deacon in charge of this ministry is Scott Evans.
In this ministry, volunteers are used to lock and unlock the building. This is a very important work not only for security reasons, but also for financial savings as it involves the turning on and off of our heating and air conditioning systems. Dane Coale is our deacon who leads this ministry effort.
The class fellowships ministry is an important ministry at Westside. The first Sunday night of each month during the school year, Westside families meet in individual homes for food and fellowship. The groups are formed from our adult education classes and rotate throughout the year. Jeff L'Hommedieu is the deacon in charge of this ministry.
The communications ministry is a growing ministry at Westside. This ministry involves 1) greeters who greet members and visitors as they enter the building for Bible class and worship; 2) volunteers who assist with creative tasks such as art work, bulletin boards, and newspaper advertising; 3) workers who assist with the upkeep of our web page and assist with other computer work including data processing. Deacons Chris Porter and Don Wilson, and University Minister Drew Scott are in charge of this ministry.
Westside is actively seeking to reach out to the community. We have several outreach projects planned for the year including a coat drive, Thanksgiving basket giveaway and distributing family resource packets to the community. Dan Kite leads this ministry.
A vital part of Westside is our education program. Westside offers classes for all ages including nursery, children, teen, university, young married, young family, middle family, seniors and singles. Tony Marci works with adult education and Chris Porter leads our children education ministry.
The electronics ministry is involved in operating Westside's sound and video equipment. Volunteers in this ministry record sermons, set up sound systems for individual classrooms and support adult teachers by setting up video equipment.  Scott Wilson leads this ministry.
Evangelism is the ultimate goal of the Westside church of Christ. This ministry involves sending out welcome letters, making phone calls, making home visits, working on campaigns, and teaching "one on one" Bible Studies. Brett McKnight leads this ministry.
This ministry was formerly called Bible Hour. Extended Bible Class (EBC) is part of our children's ministry at Westside. EBC is offered both Sunday morning and Sunday evening during Westside's worship services. EBC is for children 3 years old - 2nd grade. John Crocker is in charge of this ministry.
Each year, Westside provides counseling services and offers special seminars in areas such as marriage and parenting. The Family Matters ministry provides babysitting for families during these special times. Jeff L'Hommedieu and Leon Dennis work together in this ministry.
This ministry uses workers in counting attendance, ushering when the crowds are especially large and handling emergencies including the supervision of the AED equipment. Mark Thomas leads this ministry.
The grounds around our building are kept by volunteer help. Volunteers are needed to assist with mowing, trimming, landscaping, and watering.
The involvement ministry works to help new and current members get involved with the work at Westside. This ministry consists of working the welcome booth each worship service, and contacting new members and assisting them in filling out a ministry book. Scott Wilson leads this ministry.
The international ministry is a rapidly growing ministry at Westside. Volunteers are used to be a host family for international students and scholars; study the Bible with international students and scholars; prepare food for international student fellowship meals; and donate furniture and kitchen wares for international students and scholars. Chung Kao is the deacon over this ministry.
The mission ministry participates in such things as correspondence with missionary families; promotion of TV series such as Search; involvment in World Bible School and assistance with campaigns. John Crocker and Doug Wheeler work together in leading this ministry.
The Senior ministry focuses on the encouragement of our senior members. It involves a monthly dinner for fellowship and fun, visitation of the sick, and benevolent assistance to members with special needs.
Each year Westside hosts 4 'all church' dinners in addition to some special event meals. These dinners are held in connection with special events or to promote important causes. Jimmy Butner is in charge of this ministry.
Westside seeks to meet the needs of all of our members. This ministry helps us accomplish this goal by focusing on three special groups; singles, men & women. Throughout the year special activities are planned for these groups.  The elders oversee the singles, men’s and women’s ministries.
This ministry seeks to provide assistance to families with special needs. Volunteers are used to help families with funerals, and to provide nursery care for families during worship services. The elders oversee this ministry.
This ministry consists of volunteers who assist with servicing the vans, and driving the vans. Kevin Strong is in charge of this ministry.
The university ministry is a vital part of Westside. Each year Westside has the opportunity to work with numerous college students. This ministry consists of volunteers who participate in the "Adopt-a-Student" program and assist with Sunday noon meals for university students during the school year. Drew Scott and Curtis Mullins work together in this ministry.
Westside members are often confined because of age or illness and need special care. This ministry is a serving ministry designed to meet these special needs. Brett McKnight is in charge of this ministry effort.
In this ministry, men are assigned to lead in our worship services. Men are assigned to lead singing, lead prayers, serve communion, take communion to nursing homes, and read scripture. Don Wilson leads this ministry.
This ministry involves utilizing volunteers to prepare communion trays, clean communion trays and prepare communion bread. Mark Thomas is in charge of this ministry.
Our young people are a vital part of the Westside family. In this ministry volunteers assist with activities for our young people including; mentoring young people in leadership training; driving vans for youth trips; serving as sponsors on youth activities and hosting youth devotionals. Brett McKnight and Kevin Strong work together in this ministry effort.