Westside Church of Christ Norman OK
August 2017
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New adult Bible classes for the winter quarter will begin on Wednesday, December 3 and Sunday, December 7.

About Westside

The Westside congregation had its beginning in 1958 and was initially known as the Boyd and McGee congregation. It has now grown to a membership of over 500 and has completed six building expansions with another in progress. The congregation is led by 6 elders and 22 deacons. The church employs four full-time ministers, and one full time secretary.

Westside believes in outreach. In addition to traditional ministries, Westside supports its own university program, known as the "Sooner Servants" and is led by Drew Scott. The youth program involves approximately 90 young people, grades 1-12 and is led by Brett McKnight. Phillip Johnson serves the congregation as pulpit and involvement minister. Leon Dennis serves as family counselor. Leon is a national certified counselor and spends approximately half of his time in individual and family counseling.

The congregation sponsors two full time missionaries including Doug Wheeler who works with Nigerian missions and Jason Snethen who works with the Bristol church of Christ in Bristol, England.  Other mission programs with which Westside assists include the "Search Television Program" sponsored by the Edmond church of Christ, and the "Allen Dutton Medical Missions Program" sponsored by the Memorial Road congregation in Oklahoma City. The congregation is also involved in a growing international ministry.

Other outside programs assisted by the Westside congregation include the Hope Harbor Children's Home in Claremore, Oklahoma; the Tipton Children's home in Tipton, Oklahoma; the Westview Boy's home in Hollis, Oklahoma and the Christian Service Center Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The internal work of the congregation is divided into 26 ministries led by deacons and staffed by Westside volunteers.

Westside is well known for doctrinal soundness and positive spirit. It always manifests a warm and friendly attitude with an enthusiasm for growth. The congregation makes every effort to be Christ-centered and Biblically sound.


Sunday Worship

Area Wide Teen Gathering

Sunday Worship

Worship Service Times

Sunday: Bible Study 9:30 am, Worship 10:25 am and 5:00 pm
Wednesday: Worship 7:00 pm